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Pete - PaperNuts
Looking for a premium quality, hi-density cushioning material that can replace all your in box packaging needs? PaperNuts not only work better than any other loose fill product, it’s made from 100% post consumer material.



PaperNuts interlock to form a protective barrier that prevents shock, migration and vibration as items just cannot move. The cost of a broken or damaged item is not measured in mere dollars but; loss of time, business and trust.

Customers receiving your items protected by PaperNuts will appreciate your forward thinking. Sending plastic waste material to a customer for them to dispose of is not a positive image for your company.

PaperNuts are made from post consumer recycled paper and do no harm to the environment. They can be recycled, re-used and even composted with no chemical signature. Since they are locally made, PaperNuts generate a low shipping carbon footprint.

As a quality cushioning material PaperNuts are competitive compared to plastic loose fill and reduce the workload and responsibility at the receiver end. The value is in the performance, ease of disposal, low environmental impact and assurance that your items are well protected.

Order now in the Greater Toronto Area for some great delivery prices!

1 box: $25 delivery
4 boxes: $20 delivery
10 boxes: $15 delivery
25 boxes: FREE delivery

From heavy industrial to delicate items we can help you make the right choice. Replace, reuse and recycle is the answer to protecting your shipment and the environment.

Box Sizes: 20”× 20”× 20” and 12”× 12”× 12”
16 boxes per pallet.

Thinking INSIDE the BOX

Finally – An alternative to plastic and corn based loose fill material.

PaperNuts - Natural White & Craft Packing Paper

Talk to us about getting your own machine!

Turn your loose fill requirements into a PROFIT centre.

PaperNuts Machine SAVE Money

PaperNuts can be manufactured on site which dramatically reduces the shipping and storage costs of bulky finished products; freeing up valuable floor space. If your company is a large user of packaging material, please contact us.

Save Money

At this time there are opportunities to secure the distribution rights for a number of unique markets at the ground floor level. PaperNuts is looking to form strategic alliances with dynamic organizations. PaperNuts supplies the patent protected equipment and raw material at wholesale rates thus ensuring exclusive rights and profitability in each region. If you are interested please contact us.

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