From heavy industrial to light and delicate applications PaperNuts are much denser than conventional plastic, foam and air pillows.
PaperNuts do not deteriorate or deflate and can be reused multiple times or discarded with no environmental impact.

Made from recycled Kraft paper, PaperNuts’ unique twisted shape interlock to form a protective barrier against migration and shock.


Using PaperNuts saves time and money. You don’t need to wrap objects with extra filler like bubble wrap as PaperNuts work just fine without it.
Your customers will appreciate that your company is part of the wave to embrace protecting the environment as part of your corporate social responsibility.
Ship and forget about damage in transit or disposal issues at the destination point that may inconvenience your customers.


Yes, special equipment is not needed or long-term service contract required. Ideal for seasonal and low volume businesses that want professional results without overspending.
Using PaperNuts reduces labour and preparation time as a little goes a long way filling voids and areas in need of extra bracing.
Free delivery in GTA for the first pallet.


Unlike plastic based packaging products like expanded polystyrene and corn-based fillers, PaperNuts do no harm to the environment.
Both reusable and recyclable PaperNuts may be reused as they are easy to collect and handle
Locally made – low carbon footprint
Made from recycled material – Post consumer Kraft

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