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An Environmental Packing Solution Made from 100% Post Consumer Material

Superior Performance Over Any Other Loose Fill Product

  • PaperNuts are more effective at shock absorption than plastic or corn-based fillers
  • Static-free, zero pollutants, reusable, bio-degradable and even compostable
  • Fills any type of void space quickly and easily including very heavy loads
  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  • Patent protected product and manufacturing process

“If they were any GREENER they’d still be growing!”

Industry standards are changing to meet the need for environmentally friendly packaging material that does not pollute the environment or use food quality raw material. PaperNuts represents the first true replacement for environmentally irresponsible products such as polystyrene peanuts, corn based fillers, expanded foam and other plastic material that have been the industry standard for many years.


PaperNuts - Natural Craft Packing Paper

KRAFT – 1 ply 4 inch

  • Because natural Kraft is stiffer it is ideal for commercial and heavy industrial applications
  • Made from 100% recycled material and can be reused
  • Raw material is SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) compliant
PaperNuts - Natural White Packing Paper

WHITE – 2 ply 2 inch

  • White Nuts are very dense and soft giving superior protection for delicate applications
  • Static Free and will not cling
  • Made without chlorine bleach
  • Ideal for circuit boards, glass and food grade items

Special colors available upon request.